Wallpaper Trends for 2016

If you follow decor trends, you probably know that wallpapers are back in fashion this year, but their design, color palette, and finishes have been slightly revamped for a touch of stylistic refreshment. The aesthetic groove of contemporary wallpapering is characterized by weathered looks, pastel, earthy, and neutral hues, metallic accents, prints that mimic natural materials, innovative textures, and even 3D effects. Let us take a quick glance at the hottest wallpaper trends for the season ahead, shall we?

1. 3D is the new wall decor frontier

21st-century wallpaper printing has produced stunning 3D creations which you can deploy at home for added depth, character, and modernist feel. An excellent way to instantly liven up the ambiance, 3D wallpapers often boast layered tones or prints, and they can transform even the dullest of decors and tiniest of rooms into an opulent display of patterns, geometrical shapes, and impression of vastness. Just be careful when choosing the color of your 3D wallpapering: however cool they may seem at first glance, too bright or complex wallpaper designs can cause eye fatigue, so gentle tones and simple prints are probably a better idea.

2. Faux can be stylish, too

Wallpapers evocative of natural materials such as animal skins, rustic wood, weathered bricks, and coarse stone are huge in interior design this year. A clever and budget-friendly way to introduce a dash of Nature into your cozy home, realistic faux natural wallpapers add character to the decor and create a sense of visual balance and class. For a well-rounded ambiance, you can pair faux organic wallpapers with decorative hides, exposed floorboards, and Mexican tablecloths with the same print.

3. Grasscloth for eco-friendly wallscape

Wallpaper materials have also received a modern update. Eco-friendly decors starring grasscloth wallpapers are both charming and resilient, and though the price of this wallpapering option does not exactly fall in the low-end category, it is definitely worth every cent. Made from intricately intertwined natural fiber such as jute, bamboo, and sisal, grasscloth will work equally well in earthy-hued, minimalist, and vintage decors. For added versatility, you can also opt for personalized grasscloth prints that complement the rest of your home look.

4. Metallics for glitz and bling

Metallics were wildly popular in interior design last year, and this season, they have found their way up the walls, too. Wallpapers with silky-matte metallic finishes such as bronze, gold, silver, and copper combined with graphic art, florals, and geometrical shapes can be used to brighten up the room and accentuate the walls. Or, if you prefer a more sparing display of glitz, you can do just one wall in the metallic papery guise to create a focal point in the room. For best visual effect, pair wallpapers with metallic finishes with an industrial decor and furnishings in neutral or dark hues.

5. Distressed wall look is cool

Classic geometric and floral prints are cool, but their weathered counterpart is even cooler. For a dash of raw elegance, adorn your walls with wallpapers showcasing geometric figures, or pick floral wallpapering with a whitewashed or faux-aged effect. The modern twist on traditional wall decor, distressed wallpapers will blend in seamlessly in shabby chic or French country room, but they will also look at home paired with other down-to-earth decorative styles out there, such as industrial, Scandinavian, and vintage.

Other cool wallpaper designs to consider this season include wallpapering with hand-painted effects, paneled murals, ethnic prints, and botanical details. Judging by their growing popularity, wallpapers will probably stay in trend for a few years, and they definitely look much classier than plain wall paint. What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, whip out a few wallpaper rolls, dip your brush in glue, and let your inner wall artist guide you on the quest for a fresh home look!

Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own space.


Image source: 1;2;3;4;5; 6

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Designer Fabrics-Yellow

Please don’t fear the golden goodness.  Yellow can be such a sophisticated addition to a color palette and looks great with black, gray, shades of brown.  Here are some designer fabrics in yellow tones that will class up your home.

Contact for discount pricing and availability for any of the fabrics below.

designer fabrics yellow by design theory interiors of california inc

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Modern Gray Interiors

Modern gray interiors sometimes get a bad rap as being cold, sterile and institutional.  No doubt some people are drawn to that steely gray with undertones of blue, but I’m not one who will ever be comfortable in a residential space that may be even remotely reminiscent of my 7th grade gym.   You don’t have to look far into my former blog posts to know that I actually love designing with grays, but I blend layers of gray tones, starting with something a little more complex and warm,  and then inviting shades of browns and tans to pepper the scene.  The result is much more dimensional and inviting.

The thing I like most about this color palette is that it is equally gorgeous in a very contemporary space, a shabby chic cottage, or a traditional living room.  And while most people assume the colors of nature to be greens, yellows and reds,  grays and tans are all around us in the natural world.

modern gray interiors by design theory interiors of california inc


warm neutral color palettes by design theory interiors of california inc

photo courtesy


warm neutral color palettes by design theory interiors of califronia inc

photo courtesy



warm neutral palettes by design theory interiors of california inc

photo courtesy of The Nester






modern gray interiors by design theory interiors of califronia


modern gray interiors by design theory interiors of california

Gorgeous resin sculptural horses by Brigitte Eberl and photography by Josine Vingerling


modern gray interiors by design theory interiors of california


modern gray interiors by design theory

photo courtesy of Scoop Charlotte



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How to Mix Gold and Silver in Interiors

Lets hear it for that clubber still trapped in 1984.  For him the mullet never dies and Z Cavaricci’s can’t have enough pleats and acid wash.  And the 1990’s gym rat still carrying his protein powder in a fanny pack and so pumped up he looks like a balloon animal.  You have to somewhat respect a guy for diving into the Culture Club head first and committing for the long run.   But none of us is swiping right on that one.   And what does that have to do with learning how to mix gold and silver in interiors?

Trends are awesome but when you get too “fadtastic” you get mired in a time warp soup – even in your home. Unless you have the money to invest big dollars into changing up your interior design every couple of years, you’ll need to learn to balance the fad and the timeless.  In 2007 I was remodeling my own bath and I searched like crazy to find something other than brushed nickel and chrome.   We’d been using it in the design industry for years and I was burnt out.  so I wrote a blog post about the process and the upward trend toward gold-toned finishes that was just around the corner.   They were hard to find back then but they gradually started showing up at the furniture markets and gift shows in lamps, accessories and faucets.

Fast forward to 2016 and suddenly Z Gallerie has limited their silver finishes and introduced a barrage of golds.  Same with West Elm, CB2, Crate and Barrel.   The trends always trickle down from the interior designers and furniture manufacturers to the masses but it takes time.  And then it becomes the new Chic for everyone and it gets overdone and it becomes a trend that will date your home in just a few short years.

So I have just a few  suggestions for enjoying the new gold without binge decorating.  First, introduce them in smaller ticket items such as pillows, accessories or even lamps.  If in 3 years you’ve grown to hate gold, then you’re not breaking the bank to replace them.  And for goodness sake, store anything that’s still in great shape because gold tones will come back over and over and one day you’ll be kicking yourself for tossing out that gorgeous papier mache tray with gold leaf accents.  And finally, don’t be that guy who commits 100% for the long term.   Why do you think gold finishes went out of style in the first place?   Because we over did it and we got sick of it.  Then when the brushed nickel train came chuggin by we jumped on…….and again we were in it heart and soul.

So learn how to mix gold and silver in interiors by doing it delicately.  In fact, don’t write off black metals either.   Silver, gold and black  are not mutually exclusive.  In their contrast they actually compliment each other, adding layers of depth to an interior space.  If you’re a little hesitant about your ability to do so tastefully, I find the easiest way to set the stage is to start with one piece that has all of the patinas you’d like to use.   Take a look at the chandelier below (#1) or table (#2).   Both pieces contain silver, black and gold finishes.   This is your jumping off point.  It’s now easy to choose your favorite finish as the dominant patina and then break up the monotony by introducing hints of your contrasting lusters in a mirror, a lamp, or a pair of accessories.

Contact Jamie Kern at for pricing and lead times on products below.


how to mix gold and silver in interiors by Design Theory Interiors of California, INc

  1. Chandelier by CB2
  2. Table by Caracole
  3. Dining Chair from Worlds Away
  4. Surya pillows
  5. Accessories by West Elm
  6. Mirror by Robert James Collection
  7. Cyan Design accessories
  8. Floor Lamp by CB2
  9. Bernhardt Chair
  10. Buffet by Robert James Collection
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Heated Outdoor Furniture

Not even kidding.   Heated outdoor furniture.  When I first saw this product come across my desk I couldn’t help but go where I always go . . . . what wannabe princess stomped her feet and held her breath until someone found a heated chair to cuddle her delicate royal ass?!?!

So, yeah, sitting on your deck in cold metal chairs is a rich person problem, but heated furniture really is a genius idea for hotels and restaurants that want guests to enjoy and spend their rich people money at outdoor bars and cafes.  And if you’ve ever lived in the south or close to a body of water, you know that people love dining, drinking and visiting outside.   We spend way too many hours in our day locked up in offices so an open air space is almost a must for attracting patrons.

But frankly I think this is a great splurge for homeowners as well.  We live in Northern California so the mornings and evenings get chilly year round.  The wind on both the mountain and by the ocean can take the fun out of spending time on an outdoor deck or grabbing dinner waterside. Even when we were in Atlanta we loved our outdoor living areas and heated furniture would have extended our outdoor season.

So take a look at this line by Galanter and Jones and prepare to be wowed.  The line is still relatively small but the pieces are really sharp.  The body is available in 5 colors and the base comes in 4 finishes that really have a modern edge.   The heating element is under the seat and all wiring is run through the legs and out the bottom.  Just plug in and turn it on with the push of a button.   You can actually set your heat level……..and the chair will remember it for next time!!!


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california

Evia Chair


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 2

Evia Lounge


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 4

Helios Love Chair


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 3

Helios Lounge


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