Great Source for Artwork – Caia Koopman

I was introduced to a great source for artwork by a friend and I fell head over heals.  The artist is   Caia Koopman.  I STILL don’t own a piece of her work but I will soon remedy that.   I’m really drawn to Pop Surrealism and sometimes I’m also repelled.  But either way, I react when I see it.   One thing I enjoy about this genre of art is the whimsical and exaggerated features of the feminine face that make the subjects seem childlike and naive. And yet, at the same time, they’re seductive, thoughtful, tormented and bad@*#.   Caia captures this juxtaposition in everything she does.

Caia has an interesting background that forms the basis of her artwork.   She earned her degree from University of California in Santa Cruz and still lives in Santa Cruz.  Now for those of you who have never visited this quirky central coast town, this is where the hippies migrated, generations of little hippies were born, and the wannabe’s have followed.   It’s a land of skateboards, full-sleeve tats, surfing, protests and causes.   What I love most is that she’s been able to communicate the heart of the SC counter culture and her own social concerns and ideals into every piece.   So if you study just a little further you might find hints to a deeper message.

But here’s the best thing about Caia Koopman.  While we aren’t all able to toss out $3,000-$10,000 for an original piece, she offers her images for sale as limited edition prints, prints on metal and wood, posters, calendars.   You can even find gadget covers,  watches and jewelry.  So take a minute to check out Caia Koopman’s Shop!


great source for artwork - genus rainbowis by caia koopman

“Genus Rainbowis”


Great Source for Artwork - Caia Koopman Artowrk "Moonrise Owl"

“moonrise Owl”


Great Source for Artwork - Caia Koopman Artowrk "Cannon Girl"

“Cannon Girl”



Great Source for Artwork - Caia Koopman Artowrk "Sky Lily"

“Sky Lily”


Great Source for Artwork - Caia Koopman Artowrk "Grease Monkey"

“Grease Monkey”

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Great Artwork Resource – Frank Plant

Frank Plant is a great artwork resource.  His work is both eye catching and thoughtful.   Made of welded steel, the subjects of his two dimensional pieces are usually based on his own social observations and are expressed in objects, human forms and texts.  I think what makes his artwork so interesting is that he communicates so much detail with the simplest of lines.   Frank Plant is actually an American born artist and he is currently living and working in Barcelona, Spain.


Great Artwork Resource frank Plant Artwork "Just Say the Word"

“Just Say the Word”


great artwork resource Frank Plant artwork "We Know What You're Thinking"

“We Know What You’re Thinking”


great artwork resource Frank Plant artwork "Text Message"

“Text Message”


great artwork resource Frank Plant Artwork "drowning in words"

“Drowining in Words”

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Designer Secrets- Resources for Amazing Online Artwork!!

I always seem to be on my soapbox about making your home a reflection of your personality!  I feel strongly that we’re all more comfortable in living spaces that are an extension of who we are. While there are a multitude of means of achieving that ambiance, the power of artwork is priceless in telling the story of “you”.  Too often we fall into the trap of picking up something trendy at a retail art or accessory store only to be disappointed later when the trend has outlived its pizazz.   Artwork is an investment over time no matter what the price and should awaken an emotional response when you pause to enjoy it for years to come.

So, I thought it might be fun to share some of my secret resources for artwork that are widely appreciated in the interior design community but who are also surprisingly willing to work with the public.   While you will pay full retail price without intervention from your interior design professional, these resources represent a variety of price points to fit into any budget.  To take advantage of more streamlined pricing and professional framing and matting service, contact a professional interior designer.
Katie Smith –
Katie’s artwork is essential in my own

home and I’m lucky to own 4 of her amazing pieces.    She works largely in pastels, mixed media, and acrylics but don’t be surprised if you see a little pottery in the mix.   The staple of her work is larger scale pieces but she also does some wonderful greeting and note cards that make fabulous gifts.   While her subject matter is considered abstract, she has a gift for blending color in organic, flowing forms that suggest hidden natural and emotional elements.
If you visit Katie’s site – and I strongly urge you to do so – you must read her amazing Bio.   Katie suffered a brain-stem stroke in 1982 when she was only 15 that left her paralyzed over a good portion of her body and unable to speak.   That didn’t stop her from graduating years later from Kennesaw State University with honors and embarking on an amazing career.   Now before you get the wrong idea about Katie and any physical challenge she may have, let me just say that her obstacles have in no way hindered her success as an artist and the beauty illustrated in her work.   Now, take a look and enjoy the magic!
Tommy Moss –
Tommy’s dynamic painting style is an ever evolving study in mixed media.  His abstract expressionist pieces reflect his gift for bringing a piece to life through color and texture.   This is an artist who will make you stop in your tracks when you encounter his amazing large scale works and series pieces that seem to  jump from the canvas.  Tommy never seems to rest on his laurels, always experimenting with new processes, textures and colors.  His latest introductions are a study in modifying photographic images with color.   And the really great thing about this artist is that he’s happy to do commissioned work according to your size and color needs.

Chris has a breathtaking collection of photography in various collections including people, landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife and, my personal favorite, graffiti.  His colors are crisp and his subject matter is very unique and also provocative in the sense that it awakens a strong emotional connection to each piece.  Chris’ website is only a small sampling of his work so don’t hesitate to contact him for more options.   You can follow Chris on facebook as well by joining his group Chris Wartmann Photography.  These are gorgeous and affordable pieces so I suggest you invest now before the rest of the world discovers this talent!   And you’ll be surprised to find that photography is his hobby and not his full time career!!
Cosh –
This site has an extensive selection of artists and styles of captivating contemporary artwork.   Most works are in limited editions and are printed in the Gyclee fashion of fine artwork prints so you get a really nice piece at a very reasonable price.  Just be cautious when you peruse the pricing because all price quotes are in Euros.   I like the “view scale” button on each page that allows you to click on the button and get a visual representation of the size of the piece.   This site also offers professional framing so your piece can arrive ready to hang and enjoy.
So, now you have a starting point . . . .what are you waiting on?!   Peruse these sites and start your own art collection today!!
For more information, contact Jamie R. Kern with Design Theory Interiors at or email
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