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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

It’s where I catch some private reading time, wash away the sins of the day, exfoliate, put on my face, ladyscape, hairscape, brush (for a full 3 minutes) and floss, dress, and spend a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror shaming myself for last night’s brownie offensive.  It’s my bathroom and the single most intimate space in any home.   No matter your personal style, it should be a sanctuary that allows us to perform all of the behind-the-scenes prep work in comfort.

There’s been quite a surge in contemporary bathroom design and I actually think the reason behind the movement is that the lines are crisp and straight and the overall feel is clean.  Additionally I think the simplicity of contemporary design lends itself to easy maintenance.  It’s easy to wipe down surfaces that don’t have detailed carvings and moldings.  So the modern bathroom retains it’s look and ages gracefully with less effort.

Here some of my favorite  modern bathroom design ideas to hit the market recently.


modern bathroom design ideas

Malta Freestanding Bath Tub by Three Rivers Trading Company

Nothing better than a soaker tub after a long day.  I love the shape of this one by Three Rivers Trading Company.

modern bathroom design ideas

Very cool floor mounted bath faucet.  The Atlantis by Three Rivers Trading Company

modern bathroom design ideas

Refined geometric shapes are all the rage in vanity bowls.   These shown are by Duravit

modern bathroom design ideas

There are so many innovative faucet designs.   They’re both artistic and functional.  This beauty is from the Elemental Spa Collection by Dornbracht.   It can mount on the wall for vanity or bathtub and can mount on the floor for a freestanding tub.

modern bathroom design ideas

This is another piece from Dornbracht Elemental Spa Collection.  This shower head can be ceiling or wall mounted.

modern bathroom design ideas

Programmable, digital and hands-free are the buzz words in bath fixtures right now.     One example is this Allure faucet by Grohe, shown with a wireless digital control.  This control has a memory function,  pause function and gives a digital readout of water temperature.  Adjust temperature with one-finger-touch by tapping the Plus or Minus button.

modern bathroom design ideas modern bathroom design ideas

How cool is this?!?!   The Openspace shower enclosure by Duravit creates extra space in your bath.   The glass doors fold in against the wall to remove the barrier taking up valuable real estate.    Doors can also be mirrored on one side to completely conceal shower fittings.  The mirrored door will also create the illusion of enlarging the bathroom.

modern bathroom design ideas

I love these modern vanities by Dedecker (above and below).   These look like custom pieces but Dedecker has made bathroom design easy by offering a number of styles, sizes, finishes so you can put together the vanity of your dreams without the cost of custom design and build.modern bathroom design ideas

Even bath accessories are stepping it up.   Towel Racks, Toilet Tissue holders and robe hooks are much more fashion forward, ranging in style from the clean, sleek modern to the baroque shapes of the Hollywood glam.
modern bathroom design ideas
modern bathroom design ideas modern bathroom design ideas modern bathroom design ideas

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Small Space Bathroom Remodel Before and After

These before and after photos of a small space bathroom remodel show what you can do with a 58″ space by transforming a 1960’s dilapidated single vanity into a functional double vanity with recessed medicine cabinet and additional pull-out work space concealed below the countertop and above the top drawer.


Small Space Bathroom Remodel
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Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Nella Vetrina is a luxury Italian furniture and lighting fabricator with a flair for classic modern like none I’ve seen before.  They offer sleek modern, glamorous hollywood regency, and even painted French-style bathroom vanities and each collection is offered in a number of finishes, colors and configurations.   This is just a small sampling of the wonderful options for today’s bathroom!

Nella Vetrina Majestic Vanity

Above is one version of the Majestic vanity.  One of my favorites!

Nella Vetrina Infinity Vanity

The Infinity vanity – very sleek mirrored finish.

nella vertina infinity vanity 2

Above, another version of the Infinity vanity in a lavender glass finish

Nella Vertina Ivory & Ebony Vanity

Pretty in pink!   This is the Ivory & Ebony Vanity

Nella Vertina Jey Vanity

The Jey Vanity.  This is a lot of fun.  I like the clever storage for towels or toiiletries.

Nella Vertina Hermitage Vanity 2

The Hermitage.  Black lacquered wood with a silver damask pattern.

Nella Vertina Hermitage Vanity

Above:  another version of the Hermitage in gold leaf.

Nella Vertina Ivory & Ebony Vanityn2

And another Ivory & Ebony in pastel aqua.

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New Mid-Century Style Appliances Create Authenticity

I’ve been working on some renovations of our little lake house in Hartwell, Georgia for several years.  It’s been a labor of love, and I drag my feet finishing the work because so much of the fun is in the process.  The house we bought was a flat-roofed shack on a spectacular lot that faces the big waters of Lake Hartwell and though initially an ugly duckling, she had a huge stone fireplace made from stones pulled from along the lakeshore, wood ceilings, original cabinets, and an old white enamel cast iron sink with integrated drainboard.   She was mine as soon as I pulled into the driveway.  I could see the swan.

As we waited for our closing date, we talked a lot about how we wanted to feel when we were in the house and what we wanted our guests to experience.  We discovered that our fondest memories were of being kids growing up in the 1960’s when a kid could sleep in the back of the station wagon all the way to Myrtle Beach, when your grandmother made sure to have homemade Jam, fried apples and bologna on the stove when you arrived,  when we looked forward to the annual school carnival with almost as much anticipation as Christmas, when we rolled on shady grass to cool off on a hot summer day, and when eating a piece of salted watermelon with your Dad was a little slice of heaven that could change the course of your day.

So we decided to create a space reflective of those days complete with old pennants found in a trunk my mom kept of my childhood memorabilia, a pair of old gas tank covers we found in a barn facing demolition, a pastel of my mom’s childhood playhouse and even a souvenir plate from King’s Island. With each step it became more clear that our appliances were fighting against our end vision.   There was no black plastic-front refrigerator or stainless steel dishwasher in Granny’s home place.  In fact there was no dishwasher but I wasn’t ready to give up that little luxury.  I just had to figure out how to camouflage it.

And now I finally get around to Elmira Stove Works.   Elmira is a Canadian company that manufactures reproduction antique and 1950’s-style appliances.   Northstar is the 1950’s line of refrigerators, ranges, range hoods and dishwasher covers.  They even offer a keg refrigerator and their own interpretation of a retro microwave.  The appliances are offered in the best of the 1950’s colors:  Buttercup Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, Mint Green, Candy Red, Black, Bisque and Quicksilver.


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.25.06 AM                             Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.24.44 AM



So Granny would still be shocked by my microwave, even if it is a cheery Buttercup Yellow, and probably confused by my Mint Green dishwasher cover, since rubber gloves were the only dishwasher covers she ever needed.  She might even raise an eyebrow if she knew I had to bypass the gas range for it’s electric equal.   But when she opened that big Mint Green refrigerator and discovered an automatic ice maker…….I daresay I’d hear an “atta girl”!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.54.00 PM         Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.25.26 AM





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