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How to Mix Gold and Silver in Interiors

Lets hear it for that clubber still trapped in 1984.  For him the mullet never dies and Z Cavaricci’s can’t have enough pleats and acid wash.  And the 1990’s gym rat still carrying his protein powder in a fanny pack and so pumped up he looks like a balloon animal.  You have to somewhat respect a guy for diving into the Culture Club head first and committing for the long run.   But none of us is swiping right on that one.   And what does that have to do with learning how to mix gold and silver in interiors?

Trends are awesome but when you get too “fadtastic” you get mired in a time warp soup – even in your home. Unless you have the money to invest big dollars into changing up your interior design every couple of years, you’ll need to learn to balance the fad and the timeless.  In 2007 I was remodeling my own bath and I searched like crazy to find something other than brushed nickel and chrome.   We’d been using it in the design industry for years and I was burnt out.  so I wrote a blog post about the process and the upward trend toward gold-toned finishes that was just around the corner.   They were hard to find back then but they gradually started showing up at the furniture markets and gift shows in lamps, accessories and faucets.

Fast forward to 2016 and suddenly Z Gallerie has limited their silver finishes and introduced a barrage of golds.  Same with West Elm, CB2, Crate and Barrel.   The trends always trickle down from the interior designers and furniture manufacturers to the masses but it takes time.  And then it becomes the new Chic for everyone and it gets overdone and it becomes a trend that will date your home in just a few short years.

So I have just a few  suggestions for enjoying the new gold without binge decorating.  First, introduce them in smaller ticket items such as pillows, accessories or even lamps.  If in 3 years you’ve grown to hate gold, then you’re not breaking the bank to replace them.  And for goodness sake, store anything that’s still in great shape because gold tones will come back over and over and one day you’ll be kicking yourself for tossing out that gorgeous papier mache tray with gold leaf accents.  And finally, don’t be that guy who commits 100% for the long term.   Why do you think gold finishes went out of style in the first place?   Because we over did it and we got sick of it.  Then when the brushed nickel train came chuggin by we jumped on…….and again we were in it heart and soul.

So learn how to mix gold and silver in interiors by doing it delicately.  In fact, don’t write off black metals either.   Silver, gold and black  are not mutually exclusive.  In their contrast they actually compliment each other, adding layers of depth to an interior space.  If you’re a little hesitant about your ability to do so tastefully, I find the easiest way to set the stage is to start with one piece that has all of the patinas you’d like to use.   Take a look at the chandelier below (#1) or table (#2).   Both pieces contain silver, black and gold finishes.   This is your jumping off point.  It’s now easy to choose your favorite finish as the dominant patina and then break up the monotony by introducing hints of your contrasting lusters in a mirror, a lamp, or a pair of accessories.

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how to mix gold and silver in interiors by Design Theory Interiors of California, INc

  1. Chandelier by CB2
  2. Table by Caracole
  3. Dining Chair from Worlds Away
  4. Surya pillows
  5. Accessories by West Elm
  6. Mirror by Robert James Collection
  7. Cyan Design accessories
  8. Floor Lamp by CB2
  9. Bernhardt Chair
  10. Buffet by Robert James Collection
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5 Best Black Paint Colors for Interiors

The best black paint colors for interiors range in shade and tone from the crisp black of Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn black to Benjamin Moore’s Blue Notes with undertones of blue.   There is a shade of black paint to suit every interior color palette, transforming your space into a dramatic setting.

best black paint colors tricorn black by design theory interiors of california

Sherwin Williams – SW 6258 – Tricorn Black


best black paint colors from design theory interiors of california

Sherwin Williams – SW6992 Inkwell


best black paint colors caviar by design theory interiors of california

Sherwin Williams – SW6990 Caviar

A hint of red in Sherwin Williams’ Caviar results in a slightly warmer shade of black.

best black paint colors almost black by design theory interiors of california

Benjamin Moore – 2130-30 Almost Black

Benjamin Moore’s Almost Black is softer with a slight green undertone. While it may look more gray on a paint chip, it will still read as a black on your walls.



best black paint colors blue note design theory interiors of california

Benjamin Moore – 2129-30 Blue Note


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What’s New in Fabrics: Diane Von Furstenberg for Kravet

For pricing or purchasing, contact Jamie Kern at

Kravet Fabrics has introduced a gorgeous new collection by Diane Von Furstenberg.  One of my favorites is this grouping of pink, orange and bold patterns.   I love oversized stripes mixed with whimsical curvilinear patterns but if it’s too much for your personal style, even hints of these patterns on throw pillows or an ottoman will add a WOW factor to any space.

design theory interiors of california, kravet

New by Diane Von Furstenberg for Kravet Fabrics


Her high style navy and white collection is both refined and adventurous.   Love the black and gold furniture accents!

design theory interiors of california, kravet blue

New by Diane Von Furstenberg for Kravet Fabrics


And let’s not forget trims!  These are playful accents  for throw pillows, ottomans and window treatments!

Trims by Diane von Furstenberg for Kravet

Trims by Diane von Furstenberg for Kravet

design theory interiors of california, kravit trim 2     design theory interiors of california, kravet trim 3     design theory interiors of california, kravet trim 4

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Room Design: Balancing Straight Lines and Curves

For me, too many horizontal and vertical lines within a room design make me feel rigid and uncomfortable.  Many of you have a similar reaction but perhaps haven’t been able to nail down the cause.  While I love the very sleek contemporary furnishings, I can’t live with the hard-edged feel of the minimalist, straight-lined interior day in and day out.  So if you want to enjoy some of those crisp mid-century or modern pieces, you need only introduce them to elements that exhibit curvilinear shapes.  Whether you add a chair with a curved leg, a lamp with circular shapes or even a throw pillow with a soft design, you are able to break up the stiff formality and usher in a more inviting living experience.
Preview of “Balancing Straight Lines and Curves”

01 & 09  Baker Furniture

02  Hooker Furniture

03 & 08 Gabby Home

04  Bobo Intriguing Objects

05 & 06  Spicher and Company

07 & 11 Vanguard Furniture

10 Curry and Company

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Room Design: Modern Regency

Room Design:  Modern Regenct

Preview of “Modern Regency”

1.  Horn Serving Tray from Regina Andrew

2.  Ananas Watermelon Lamp by Ro Sham Beaux

3.  Rocco Chair by Bradley Hughes

4.  Anton Console by Bungalow 5

5.  “Lew” Giclee on Canvas by Studio El

6.  Gold Leaf Tray by Up in the Air Somewhere on Etsy

7.  Cattaneo Mirror by Uttermost

8.  Delphi Ceramic Bust by Vellum

9.  Muffy bench by Bradley Hughes

10.  Morgan sofa by Bradley Hughes

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