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Aubergine and Navy Home Design Inspiration Board

If I could just unsee burgundy and hunter green …..

Everyone I knew in the early 1990’s painted one room burgundy and another room hunter green. Some tried their hands at contrast:   burgundy above the chair rail and hunter green below it in a single room.   The worst offenders mixed wall coverings.  At least with paint you can erase your mistake fairly simply and inexpensively but those wallpaper hoodlums lived with their bad choices through the passing of three more color trends, pretending all the way that they were ahead of the next burgundy/hunter green fad.

I say all that because I’ve created this Aubergine and Navy Home Design Inspiration Board and I don’t want anyone confusing Aubergine with burgundy.  Aubergine has a more blue than 1990’s burgundy.  It is a more sophisticated hue and it’s sophistication is heightened when paired with a deep navy blue.  And it’s just damn sexy!

What I like about this color palette is that it looks equally gorgeous with either gold/tan neutrals or palette or silver/gray neutrals.   I wouldn’t be averse to adding some very tiny hints of emerald green to add some depth, but listen closely, we aren’t talking carnival here.   Tiny hints of Emerald Green can be in the form of a pillow or accessory, but elegance jumps headfirst out the window if you overdue the green in this palette.

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Aubergine and Navy Home Decor Inspiration board

Aubergine and navy blue home design inspiration board

aubergine and navy home design inspiration board

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Yellow Interiors

The power of yellow interiors can be a little daunting to some.   But if you can throw in some taupes or grays you can tame the intensity and the result is stunning and sophisticated!

Yellow Interiors  Design Theory Interiors of CA 1

Yellow Interiors  Design Theory Interiors of CA  2

1.  Oomph

2.  Nathan Anthony Furniture

3.  Surya Pillows

4.  Nathan Anthony Furniture

5.  Global Views

6.  Bungalow 5

7.  Surya

8.  Oomph

9.  Interlude

10.  Dunes and Dutchess

11.  Rejuvenation

12.  West Elm

13.  Crate and Barrell

14.  Crate and Barrell

15.  Emissary

16.  West Elm

17.  Graham and Brown

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Room Design: English Countryside Reinvented

Room Design:  The mention of the English countryside evokes thoughts of big stone fireplaces, hot cider, aged leather, candle light and cuddling under a wool blanket while watching a rugby match.   It’s an enticing vacation spot where one can turn off the sounds of the outside world and spend time rejuvenating.  While I love the idea of all of those elements, I also want a more modern approach to my own home so I lean toward a fresh reinterpretation that allows for a synthesis of modern elements, nostalgic accents and plush upholstery and textures.

English Countryside Reinvented by jamie kern Design Theory Interiors of CA



Chandelier by Roll and Hill /  Book / Club Chair / Sofa / Rug / Geometric Chair by Taylor Burke Home /  Candle Sticks by Roll and Hill / Duffle / Football / Chaise Lounge by Taylor Burke Home /  Throw Blanket /  Cube Ottoman

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Room Design: Balancing Straight Lines and Curves

For me, too many horizontal and vertical lines within a room design make me feel rigid and uncomfortable.  Many of you have a similar reaction but perhaps haven’t been able to nail down the cause.  While I love the very sleek contemporary furnishings, I can’t live with the hard-edged feel of the minimalist, straight-lined interior day in and day out.  So if you want to enjoy some of those crisp mid-century or modern pieces, you need only introduce them to elements that exhibit curvilinear shapes.  Whether you add a chair with a curved leg, a lamp with circular shapes or even a throw pillow with a soft design, you are able to break up the stiff formality and usher in a more inviting living experience.
Preview of “Balancing Straight Lines and Curves”

01 & 09  Baker Furniture

02  Hooker Furniture

03 & 08 Gabby Home

04  Bobo Intriguing Objects

05 & 06  Spicher and Company

07 & 11 Vanguard Furniture

10 Curry and Company

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Room Design: Raspberry Ice

It’s the holidays!!   And yes, this post is indulgent and jazzy, but it’s the time of year when we’re all drawn to sparkle and splash.  Think sweet treats, blinking lights and pink champagne cocktails on your table and in your room design!

All Furnishings:   The Jamie Drake Collection by Lewis & Mittman

Mirror by Baker

Rug by JF Fabrics

Wall Sconce by Holly Hunt
Preview of “Raspberry Ice”

Preview of “raspberry ice 2”

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