Jamie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design from Brenau University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Business Law from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. She is an NCIDQ Registered Interior Designer offering her clients a comprehensive background with 15 years of interior design experience, 10 of those years as owner of her own design studio, and 15 years of experience in the financial sector of corporate business.

Kern’s body of work has been widely published. Her work has been recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers for design excellence and featured as a case study in the interior design textbook “Beginnings of Interior Environments” for the education of up-and-coming interior designers. Her work is featured in the hardback anthology “Modern Interior Design – American Collection” published in 2010.

Introduction to Feng Shui

by Cristiano Falconi, interior designer and owner of Criselios     www.criselios.com

Today we have a real treat!   We’ve all heard the term Feng Shui and most of us have picked up books that bullet point some basic ideas but the underlying fundamentals of Feng Shui are much more complex and have a greater effect on our daily lives than a 10-step book can explain.  Cristiano Falconi, owner of Criselios in Switzerland is an interior designer with a passion for Feng Shui who has graciously agreed to give us a peek inside the process.  We hope to have him back in the future with some real specifics that we can all put into play in our own homes!  So enjoy and be sure to check out his website at www.criselios.com for some great photos and more information on Feng Shui.                                      
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Cristiano Falconi  has attended seminars and taken courses, studying under a Chinese Master to fully understand the true essence of Feng Shui and the many ways it affects every aspect of our lives.  After secondary school Cristiano read Law at Urbino University in I
taly.  In an atmosphere impregnated with history, art and beauty, he began practicing yoga and meditation and became aware of his need to create harmony around himself.  This inner search for harmony brought him close to the ancient practice of Feng Shui which Cristiano perceives as the answer to the human need for balance and harmony in living environments that allow people to feel well and successfully realize goals.  
Introduction to  Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging living spaces, choosing pieces of furniture and selecting colors in order to create harmonious environments.  According to Feng Shui principles, there is a network of energy lines running across the planet.  If the objects in a living space are in harmony with these energy lines, they transmit a positive energy to the inhabitants.  Through Feng Shui one studies both the internal and external energies of a building as the two are directly related.  When the fundamentals of Feng Shui are applied correctly we can create spaces charged with positive energy that helps to enhance health, career, prosperity and the enjoyment of life.
Once a Feng Shui advisor has studied the energy situation of a building, it his his or her task to find the best solution for the client.  If the building is under construction, an advisor can study the space planning options to arrive at the most beneficial placement of bedrooms and living areas within the space so as to achieve the greatest benefits to the homeowner, ie., planning a bedroom in an area with energy that is most conducive to restful sleep.    
If, instead, the Feng Shui advisor is asked to evaluate an existing building, then planning for placement of various rooms is not an option.  The consultant will then analyze existing conditions and formulate a plan to layout furniture and to select materials and colors to create the necessary energy required by the homeowner.
Feng Shui also deals with the energetic map of people, called the Four Pillars.  At birth everyone takes in the energy of that particular moment.  Studying the energetic map enables one to understand the deepest aspects of ourselves and to identify the best energy sources for each one of us.  That understanding allows the Feng Shui consultant to select and place furnishings so that our living spaces can be organized in a manner that will produce the greatest benefit for each unique situation.
In China, people consult a Feng Shui master to select the piece of land on which to build, to assist in determining  the appropriate position of the house and its front door,  the date when building construction should begin, and even the best date to physically move into the home.  Feng Shui masters assess a building from an energy point of view and then suggest solutions aimed at harmonizing and creating positive energy waves for the inhabitants.  
Feng Shui has long been believed by the Chinese people to improve the quality and flow of life. Appropriately executed, it can transform your home and office into an environment where you will be more productive, rested and healthy!