Jamie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design from Brenau University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Business Law from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. She is an NCIDQ Registered Interior Designer offering her clients a comprehensive background with 15 years of interior design experience, 10 of those years as owner of her own design studio, and 15 years of experience in the financial sector of corporate business.

Kern’s body of work has been widely published. Her work has been recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers for design excellence and featured as a case study in the interior design textbook “Beginnings of Interior Environments” for the education of up-and-coming interior designers. Her work is featured in the hardback anthology “Modern Interior Design – American Collection” published in 2010.

Subtle Shades Interior Color Trends

Who doesn’t love a man in saggy pants?!?!  Mmmm…mmm…The sight of a guy with a death grip on his crotch fabric – as a means of holding up his pants – is something few women can resist, am I right?  Absolutely one of the worst trends in history and one I firmly believe was started by some dude trying to conceal the fact that his butt is as shapely as a file folder.   No man with a nice assback or a teaspoon full of dignity would be caught dead in those things.  Let’s narrow it down a little further.  No “man” would be caught dead in them.

Close on the heels of the saggy pants are Shell Suits (those darlings of the R&B wannabes – matching polyester sweat suits often adorned with classy oversized gold chains), parachute pants, bedazzled Grills, and airbrushed t-shirts.

Hindsight really is 20/20.  I should be jailed for some of my own fashion foibles like the tube top, the mullet (originally called the bi-level), and gargantuan teased hair.


Too often when we talk about trends in design and fashion, the word trend becomes synonymous with fad.   A fad is like a mania or an eccentricity.   It’s a quick adoption of something that becomes all the rage overnight.  Like Clackers.  People rush in the direction of a fad when they see a celebrity endorsement without realizing that someone is already working on a blog for next season that will completely shame you for your choices.  And lucky you, we have the internet now so all of those really cool pics of you wearing your grill at your formal sorority dance are forever.

When we use the term color trend, we’re referring to a movement or a progression toward something.  Trends in design are usually introduced by a designer long before they trickle down to the masses.  As designers we try to give our clients something that feels innovative but also enduring so that the space has many years to age gracefully as the public catches up and catches on to the design trend.

So when I suggest color trends, I try to offer a fresh take on a color palette that will be stylish for years to come.

This week I’m going for softer shades create a relaxing tranquil environment.  All of these colors can be mixed and matched.


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Subtle Shades Interior Color Trends


Subtle Shades Interior Color Trends