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Wallpaper Trends for 2016

If you follow decor trends, you probably know that wallpapers are back in fashion this year, but their design, color palette, and finishes have been slightly revamped for a touch of stylistic refreshment. The aesthetic groove of contemporary wallpapering is characterized by weathered looks, pastel, earthy, and neutral hues, metallic accents, prints that mimic natural materials, innovative textures, and even 3D effects. Let us take a quick glance at the hottest wallpaper trends for the season ahead, shall we?

1. 3D is the new wall decor frontier

21st-century wallpaper printing has produced stunning 3D creations which you can deploy at home for added depth, character, and modernist feel. An excellent way to instantly liven up the ambiance, 3D wallpapers often boast layered tones or prints, and they can transform even the dullest of decors and tiniest of rooms into an opulent display of patterns, geometrical shapes, and impression of vastness. Just be careful when choosing the color of your 3D wallpapering: however cool they may seem at first glance, too bright or complex wallpaper designs can cause eye fatigue, so gentle tones and simple prints are probably a better idea.

2. Faux can be stylish, too

Wallpapers evocative of natural materials such as animal skins, rustic wood, weathered bricks, and coarse stone are huge in interior design this year. A clever and budget-friendly way to introduce a dash of Nature into your cozy home, realistic faux natural wallpapers add character to the decor and create a sense of visual balance and class. For a well-rounded ambiance, you can pair faux organic wallpapers with decorative hides, exposed floorboards, and Mexican tablecloths with the same print.

3. Grasscloth for eco-friendly wallscape

Wallpaper materials have also received a modern update. Eco-friendly decors starring grasscloth wallpapers are both charming and resilient, and though the price of this wallpapering option does not exactly fall in the low-end category, it is definitely worth every cent. Made from intricately intertwined natural fiber such as jute, bamboo, and sisal, grasscloth will work equally well in earthy-hued, minimalist, and vintage decors. For added versatility, you can also opt for personalized grasscloth prints that complement the rest of your home look.

4. Metallics for glitz and bling

Metallics were wildly popular in interior design last year, and this season, they have found their way up the walls, too. Wallpapers with silky-matte metallic finishes such as bronze, gold, silver, and copper combined with graphic art, florals, and geometrical shapes can be used to brighten up the room and accentuate the walls. Or, if you prefer a more sparing display of glitz, you can do just one wall in the metallic papery guise to create a focal point in the room. For best visual effect, pair wallpapers with metallic finishes with an industrial decor and furnishings in neutral or dark hues.

5. Distressed wall look is cool

Classic geometric and floral prints are cool, but their weathered counterpart is even cooler. For a dash of raw elegance, adorn your walls with wallpapers showcasing geometric figures, or pick floral wallpapering with a whitewashed or faux-aged effect. The modern twist on traditional wall decor, distressed wallpapers will blend in seamlessly in shabby chic or French country room, but they will also look at home paired with other down-to-earth decorative styles out there, such as industrial, Scandinavian, and vintage.

Other cool wallpaper designs to consider this season include wallpapering with hand-painted effects, paneled murals, ethnic prints, and botanical details. Judging by their growing popularity, wallpapers will probably stay in trend for a few years, and they definitely look much classier than plain wall paint. What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, whip out a few wallpaper rolls, dip your brush in glue, and let your inner wall artist guide you on the quest for a fresh home look!

Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own space.


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Heated Outdoor Furniture

Not even kidding.   Heated outdoor furniture.  When I first saw this product come across my desk I couldn’t help but go where I always go . . . . what wannabe princess stomped her feet and held her breath until someone found a heated chair to cuddle her delicate royal ass?!?!

So, yeah, sitting on your deck in cold metal chairs is a rich person problem, but heated furniture really is a genius idea for hotels and restaurants that want guests to enjoy and spend their rich people money at outdoor bars and cafes.  And if you’ve ever lived in the south or close to a body of water, you know that people love dining, drinking and visiting outside.   We spend way too many hours in our day locked up in offices so an open air space is almost a must for attracting patrons.

But frankly I think this is a great splurge for homeowners as well.  We live in Northern California so the mornings and evenings get chilly year round.  The wind on both the mountain and by the ocean can take the fun out of spending time on an outdoor deck or grabbing dinner waterside. Even when we were in Atlanta we loved our outdoor living areas and heated furniture would have extended our outdoor season.

So take a look at this line by Galanter and Jones and prepare to be wowed.  The line is still relatively small but the pieces are really sharp.  The body is available in 5 colors and the base comes in 4 finishes that really have a modern edge.   The heating element is under the seat and all wiring is run through the legs and out the bottom.  Just plug in and turn it on with the push of a button.   You can actually set your heat level……..and the chair will remember it for next time!!!


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california

Evia Chair


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 2

Evia Lounge


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 4

Helios Love Chair


heated outdoor furniture for 2016 design theory interiors of california 3

Helios Lounge


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7 Modern Table Top Wine Racks

In my house we have His & Hers wine storage.  His is downstairs in the cool basement proudly displayed on a wall-mounted rack system that stretches most of the length of the room.  These are the bottles that I’m not allowed to touch.   It’s not that they’re all pricey collector bottles.  You’ll come across a Caymus or an Opus One next to one of our favorites from here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.   But they’re all wines that we both really love and that means that one of us – me – isn’t allowed to go rifling through the goods while I’m alone at home lounging around in my Tears For Fears T-shirt and watching reruns of “King of the Hill.”

So Hers is kept upstairs in the kitchen and within arm’s reach of the TV remote.   This is the drinking wine.  The stuff that tastes good, but a) no one will get his feelings hurt if he misses out, and  b) if there’s a chance he’ll get his feelings hurt, it’s cheap enough to replace before he gets home and finds out.

The problem with Hers is that it’s a little harder to find modern storage that looks hip in a more contemporary space.  You can find all kinds of rustic options, wine barrels reinterpreted as storage, or utilitarian options, but sometimes you just want something interesting and modern that has a more artistic flair.  Something that has a stand-alone presence.

So here are 7 modern table top wine racks that I think look trendy and intriguing.


7 modern table top wine racks

Infinity Wine Rack by Kartell

This rack by Kartell comes in 4 colors.  It is also modular so you can add to it or rearrange in a number of shapes.


7 modern table top wine racks

Modern Acrylic Wine Rack from Interior Trade Furniture

Nothing says modern like acrylic.   Great curvilinear shape and barely there look of this acrylic wine rack is a great addition to any space.  Let your wine be center stage!  From Interior Trade Furniture



7 modern table top wine racks

Noe 6 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack sold by All Modern

I love the simplicity of this rack at All Modern.  I love the simplicity of this one.  Also modular so you can attach additional pieces.

7 modern table top wine racks

Wine Rack by Echelon

This curvilinear solution from Echelon comes in kits of 6, 12 & 24 bottles.  The beauty of this is that it’s a system that you can build on and can even incorporate into custom cabinets to create really interesting storage units as your collection grows.

7 modern table top wine racks

10-Bottle Winehive by Winehive

The Winehive rack is another modular piece.  Made from recycled aluminum, you can start as small as 6 bottles and can build onto this as your collection grows.  The large 120-bottle rack is a fascinating freestanding work of art.

7 modern table top wine racks

Wooden wine Rack by John Lewis

This piece by John Lewis has such a beautiful shape.  As a plus, this product is made of FSC certified oak. The goal of the FSC is to “meet our current needs for forest products without compromising the health of the world’s forests for future generations.”



7 modern table top wine racks

Vintage Wine Rack from Mainly Modern on Etsy

And I have to include the vintage option.   Etsy and Ebay are excellent sources for finding unique products from the mid-century era like this gorgeous piece from Mainly Modern on Etsy.

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Use Gold Accessories in Your Home Like a Pro

If you want to use gold accessories in your home like a pro, you need to pay close attention to what you see the pros using.    Just because something is gold doesn’t mean it’s a tasteful addition to your home.

Consider the Finish:

A cheap coat of gold paint is like hiding a poo in a Birkin bag.   Looks great initially but eventually the ugly truth will reveal itself.    Try to find items that have a refined solid finish that won’t chip.

Consider the Color:

Gold comes in so many shades.  A shiny polished gold finish has it’s place but it isn’t the only option so try to blend a gold leaf finish with a hammered an antiqued gold.  Too much of the exact same finish is monotonous and will definitely make you look like an amateur.

Consider the Shape and Function:

Use interesting shapes.  One of my favorites is the grouping of organic twisted candlesticks below.   Keep your eye out for mid-century “found” items that blend gold and wood.   A sunburst clock is always hip.  And consider using natural bone accessories.  The natural bone is tonally very warm and I find it really enhances gold accessories.

Don’t Over-do It:

And remember that too much of a good thing is still too much.   Every accessory in your living room doesn’t have to be gold.   The shine and the sophistication of gold  has so much visual power that a little bit can go a long way!

Using gold accessories in your home like a pro

World Market Glassware

Using Gold accessories in your home like a pro

Interlude Home


Using gold Accessories in your Home like a Pro

Fireplace Screen by Interlude Home


use gold home decor accessories like a pro

Mid Century Clock from RetroSpecList on Etsy



Use gold accessories in your home like a pro

Atelier Stella Vases by West Elm


Use Gold accessories in your home like a Pro

Morning glory Candle Holders by Studio A Home


Use gold accessories in your home like a pro

Bookends by Cyan Design

Use gold accessories in your home like a pro

Glass Knot by Cyan Design

use gold accessories in your home like a pro

Decorative Bone Rings by Pottery Barn



use gold accessories in your home like a pro

Jar Candles by Studio A Home



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5 Furniture Pieces to Make Your Neighbors Green With Envy

Today you’ll need your Ray Bans.  I’m featuring furnishings from Bitangra, a Portugese furniture design and manufacturing company that is character driven.   Fine materials, craftsmanship, and a wild eye for design go into these pieces and you’ll see what I mean by character!  These are definitely splurge items and by now you know I  believe in at least one per space as a treasured conversation piece to set yourself apart from the masses.

So here are 5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy!

For pricing and lead times on any products shown below, contact Jamie Kern with Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc at jkern@designtheoryinteriors.com

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy

Jinga Cabinet

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy

Accum Console – available in a number of lacquer colors

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy







5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy

Nucleous Center Table – Available in a number of lacquer colors

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy

Hurricane Dining Table

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy

Vitral Sideboard

5 furniture pieces to make your neighbors green with envy


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