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Aubergine and Navy Home Design Inspiration Board

If I could just unsee burgundy and hunter green …..

Everyone I knew in the early 1990’s painted one room burgundy and another room hunter green. Some tried their hands at contrast:   burgundy above the chair rail and hunter green below it in a single room.   The worst offenders mixed wall coverings.  At least with paint you can erase your mistake fairly simply and inexpensively but those wallpaper hoodlums lived with their bad choices through the passing of three more color trends, pretending all the way that they were ahead of the next burgundy/hunter green fad.

I say all that because I’ve created this Aubergine and Navy Home Design Inspiration Board and I don’t want anyone confusing Aubergine with burgundy.  Aubergine has a more blue than 1990’s burgundy.  It is a more sophisticated hue and it’s sophistication is heightened when paired with a deep navy blue.  And it’s just damn sexy!

What I like about this color palette is that it looks equally gorgeous with either gold/tan neutrals or palette or silver/gray neutrals.   I wouldn’t be averse to adding some very tiny hints of emerald green to add some depth, but listen closely, we aren’t talking carnival here.   Tiny hints of Emerald Green can be in the form of a pillow or accessory, but elegance jumps headfirst out the window if you overdue the green in this palette.

For pricing and availability, contact Jamie Kern with Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc. at

Aubergine and Navy Home Decor Inspiration board

Aubergine and navy blue home design inspiration board

aubergine and navy home design inspiration board

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Home Design Inspiration Board – Green, Peach, Gray

Today’s home design inspiration board- green, peach, gray.

By now everyone who has followed my home design inspiration board knows that gray is my favorite neutral.  And I’m way more inspired by food than is probably healthy.   Gray is a really sophisticated neutral and it ranges in shades from steely, bluish  to warmer taupe.   And it works with everything.

So today I’m dreaming of Laduree macaroons in Pistachio and Coconut.  I swear I buy macaroons based on color palette.  I could be ordering Menudo or Chalkdust flavors for all I know.  My favorite part of the macaroon experience is the pretty box and then opening the pretty box to the beautiful sugar bomb inside.

Anyhoo,  these dreamy macaroons jumped off the screen at me.  Something about the soft Apple Blossom green and Bashful feels sophisticated but it works as well in a Glam living room as it does in a Shabby Chic bedroom.  These colors are more subtle and almost white washed so the combo is understated but still really elegant.   ‘Specially when you throw in some gray accents.

For pricing or purchase of items highlighted in today’s Home Design Inspiration – Green, Peach, Gray, contact Jamie Kern with Design Theory Interiors of California at

home design inspiration board - green, peach, gray - design theory interiors of californiahome design inspiration - green, peach, gray - design theory interiors of california



Jonathan Adler

Hooker Furniture

West Elm


Luna Bella Lighting

One Kings Lane

Art Files Vicky

National Trust

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Room Design: Modern Green & Neutral with a splash of Bue

Green has to be the most versatile of all colors for room design.   It goes traditional, modern, retro, rustic.  It looks good with browns, oranges, neutrals, blues, reds, pinks, purples…….The combinations are endless!
Preview of “Modern Green and Neutral”

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Spice Route: Colorful India-Inspired Interiors

One of the remarkable things about the culture of India is its vivid colors, rich textures and blending of patterns.  While living in Toronto, one of my favorite things to do was to stroll the Gerard Street India Bazaar, a largely Indian community with storefront after storefront of amazing fabrics, saris and jewelry, not to mention fabulous Indian street food.  From doors to spices, it is an exotic and inspired treasure trove of color, history,  and enchantment!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.11.43 PMFlickr photo by E. B. Sylvester

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.18.08 PM

Flickr photo by Khaotic Serenity

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.21.37 PM

Flickr photo by nethopper

The spice route can be interpreted in a modern fashion for today’s interiors.  Think of using a lively color palette.  I like to start with a dominant color like this electrifying orange and then highlighting with blues and greens.   Mix textures like velvet with high gloss laminate trays, embroidered pillows, and sleek modern pottery.   I like to add something highly carved with an aged finish to suggest the ancient architecture and craftsmanship of the area.

Preview of Spice Route

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Room Design: Nautical Interiors

Nothing spells relaxing like a big body of water, boating, and sunsets.  Why wait for a week of vacation when you can recreate a little of that atmosphere in your own home?  A nautically themed interior space can be crisp, clean and reminiscent of having your feet buried in the sand.  I like to minimize the use of primary colors and instead use shades of blue with natural tones, aged finishes, and antiques in nautical room design

John Robshaw Textiles has some of my favorite printed bedding and Lacefield Designs the most vast collection of decorative pillows.  Go Home Ltd has affordable and stylish accent furniture and accessories to help create that seaside atmosphere.

I suggest keeping the themed accessories to a minimum.  This pillow with an anchor is whimsical and perfect for the space but too much of a good thing is like having to explain the punch line of a joke.  Instead, opt for using unexpected furnishings like a locker-style cabinet or a side table with a chicken wire front to hint at a driftwood finish.  Look to art suppliers like Sugarboo Designs for printed artwork on vintage wood.

Preview Whatever Floats Your Boat

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